Few interesting facts about sex dolls

Are you interested to know more about sex dolls? Not sure how exactly you are going to get appropriate knowledge on the usage of sex dolls? Well, you need not worry as we are here for you. We have come up with some of the most interesting facts about sex dolls that you should definitely be aware of:

Sex dolls can weigh a lot: Sex dolls can have as much weight as 115 pounds. The weight starts from around 75 pounds. This is almost similar to that of real human beings. The weight of the sex doll signifies that these dolls are human-like and can also give you a realistic experience. You can also customise the weight of your doll depending on your requirements. For that, you need to visit one such store that offers you customised services depending on your exact requirements. You can also use silicone sexdoll head for fun and entertainment.

Sex dolls are mostly made of silicone: There are different materials available using which sex dolls can be made. Out of them, silicone is the most popular material. You can use silicone for creating high-quality sex dolls. Sex dolls can also be made of latex, plastic or TPE. TPE is another popular material. However, the best sex doll material is undoubtedly silicons because they are non-porous and they are also quite good to feel. The sex dolls are also quite easy to clean.

People can find real love in sex dolls: There are a lot of people who start treating their sex dolls as real individuals and they kind of form an attachment with these sex dolls. This is a great way of fulfilling your sexual desires and igniting your passion. By imagining your sex doll to be your real partner, you will be able to enhance your confidence level. You will also be more comfortable mixing with people. This is definitely going to improve your sex life. You can also try out all the things that you did with your sex doll with your real partner as well.

Sex dolls can be customised: You will also be able to purchase customised sex dolls from a nearby store. Here you will have to provide the store with all the details that you want in your sex doll. You can mention the height, weight and colour of your sex doll. Apart from that, you can also mention the minute details including the eye colour, hair colour and so on. the store will take all your desires into consideration and design the appropriate sex doll for you that you are going to fall in love with.

Sex dolls are easily washable: You will be able to wash your sex doll with a mild soap and detergent. This is especially suitable for silicone sex dolls as they are made of non porous material and water will not seep into the body of the sex doll. However, after every wash, you must make sure that you dry your sex doll really well to prevent it from getting destroyed. You should also not use any kind of harsh chemicals on your sex doll as it may cause discoloration of the doll.

Barbie was inspired by sex dolls: We have all played with Barbie in the past but one fun fact that we don’t know is that these barbies were inspired by sex dolls. The original Barbie was meant to be used like a sex doll but due to unfortunate events, the makers ended up making it a doll for the kids. You will also be interested to know that there are a lot of anime dolls also available in the market that are inspired from sex dolls

Sex dolls are used by couples: A new trend for couples is that couples are also trying sex dolls to get into intimate relationships. They are using sex dolls as a tool to become sexually active. This can turn the boring relationship of a couple really exciting. since the sex dolls are not real persons, there are no such emotions attached. So, you can easily use it for exploring sexually in humans.

And these are some of the fun facts about sex dolls. You can also get in touch with us for more details on sex dolls.

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