How the introduction of sharpening could boost your sexual prowess

Don’t worry; this might be the first time you’d be hearing sharpening in this context. Well, it’s okay; sharpening here is not the same as what you do with your pencil; however, it’s somewhat in that light. Sharpening here could also mean edging. So, what’s sharpening/edging? It simply means controlling your orgasm during sex.

At some point, you might have had disappointments, especially when you orgasm precipitously. Maybe you’ve had a bet, and boom, you orgasm just under few minutes after you penetrated. It’s okay; you are not the first person to experience this and certainly wouldn’t be the last. Several factors could be responsible for that. However, this content is not meant to explain those factors. Instead, it helps you understand how you can use the concept of sharpening/edging to your advantage. If you want to know how to stick to the very end.

There are several techniques you can adopt in other to prolong your orgasm. While some individuals pop pills to stay overly active in bed, others take few steps and master their bodies. Yes! If you’ve seen a couple of two or three family strokes porn, then you might have seen some of the techniques. These techniques have proven to be very useful with a high success rate.

Techniques for males

Here are some of the techniques to practice sharpening/edging for males. These techniques will help your delay orgasm:

  • Squeezing the tip of your penis:

This is, by far, the most effective technique to adopt to prolong your orgasm as a man. You don’t need to take any pill or drink any concoction. The moment you feel your cum gathering and are just about to explode, give the tip of your penis a gentle squeeze for at least 30 seconds. After that, continue your sex. You can repeat it as many times as possible.

  • Ballooning:

This technique is primarily for those with premature ejaculation. If you find yourself in this category, you need not worry. All you need do is locate the most sensitive part of your penis. Once you’ve been able to identify it, give it a gentle touch, mainly in a circular motion, until you are hard and about to cum. Once you are about to cum, stop stimulating and try to keep yourself from coming. Once you are soft again, stimulate once more until you can control the orgasm.

Sharpening/editing and other techniques involved in sex are pretty important, especially to male folk. It helps to keep your confidence in check and improve your sex game. You need not take pills to stay active, as some of these pills have side effects. If you truly want to master these techniques, you should try masturbating with family strokes porn while practicing these techniques at least twice daily. You should be better before 2 to 3 months if you stay true to the ritual. Having an engaging sexual experience also helps promote one’s life span as one stays healthy and active. With these techniques, you can control when to orgasm and when not to orgasm, which could be exciting and fun!

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