Tantric Massage Is a Promise of Pleasure and Bliss 

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Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit root “tan”, meaning to weave, referring to a specific instructional text, a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is more of a philosophy integrated with spiritual practices aimed for liberation Moksha. The spiritual performances transverse cultural and religious boundaries and emerged as a new way of self-discovery. It is the enigmatic knowledge of channelling divine energy through the body, giving a sense of bliss and pleasure. Tantra acknowledges that everything is revered, including what is traditionally considered adulterated, such as sexual rites and intoxication. There is a prevailing misconception Tantra advocates uninhibited sexual pleasure, but it teaches to guide one`s sexual energy.

A Personification of Sensuality

Tantric massage London is a promise of pleasure and bliss that you never experienced before. The beautiful, elegant masseur is an epitome of sensuality; her fingers convey the beauty and essence of her soul. Her perfect smooth figure, flawless skin, skilful fingers long to share the deep secrets with you. Do not consider it as a regular massage parlor. She provides you with a holistic experience, almost spiritual. The style of massage is underlined with the essence of Tantra, stimulating the chakras in your body. As the chakras are stimulated, your healing power flows through the body, rejuvenating every cell. You feel revitalized, being aware of your inner strength and power.

Mindfulness and Meditation

It is often considered erotic massage, but it involves mindfulness, meditation, and breathing work that is not necessarily sexual. When the skilful, experienced masseur invokes the universal energy in your body, it can touch the deepest layer of awareness within you. It can be a perfect instrument of spiritual and emotional healing. The gel used in Tantra massage is extracted from herbs like nori seaweed. The word nori means slippery in Japanese, and oily is the crux of Nuru massage. You will find much information about tantric massage in Vital.HELP.

Rejuvenate Your Body and Soul

The ravishing masseur applies the organic gel all over the silken smooth body. Her radiant figure with the aura of cool Nuru gel is worth beholding. Her magnificent figure glows; the bouncing light emphasizes every curve manifesting her intoxicating form. Her playful, teasing soft hands spread the organic gel on your body embrace her luscious body, to rejuvenate your body and soul. If you want to explore the fathomless Tantric experience, it is the platform of the journey. Some forms of tantric massage focus on genitals like yoni (vulva) massage and lingam (penis) massage. You can experience an intense orgasm during the session, but it is not the goal. The aim is to release sexual, emotional tension, unblock the chakras and plunge into spiritual pleasure.